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Ugly Duckling

Schmelt It

Schmelt It

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Easily create unique water color effects with this amazing gel product!

Effortlessly blend, melt and bloom our Gel Polish with Schmelt It
Create marble, smoke, blooming flowers and more!

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1. Apply one coat of Schmelt It to a nail filed with no finer than our Medium Zebra file or sanding band (do not buff). Cure for 2 minutes in a UV light or 45 seconds in an LED. Do not cleanse.

2. Apply a 2nd layer of Schmelt It to the nail - do not cure!

3. Using your chosen contrasting (or clear) colour of gel polish, begin to paint your design into the wet layer of Schmelt It. *tip: using less gel polish to paint your design will help create a more "melted/water color" look.*

4. Once you've painted your design, and you're happy with it, place it in the lamp for a full cure (2 minutes in a UV light or 45 seconds in an LED.

5. Seal with your choice of Ugly Duckling Top Coats.
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