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Quick Dry Wax Mist

Quick Dry Wax Mist

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Formulated to instantly touch-dry hard wax. Allows you to speed through your waxing treatments, without the frustration of waiting for hard wax to dry or getting sticky hands or gloves. Great for humid conditions!

Instantly touch-dries hard waxes – no frustration!
No sticky hands or gloves = NO MESS
Ideally suited for use in hot and humid environments
Reduces redness and cools the skin

Application: Spritz your Quick Dry Wax Mist to the area from 1 feet (30cm) away. This sets the wax and cools the area. It also adds a luxurious feel to the treatment. Feather over the wax using the tips of your 3 middle fingers to ensure the wax is dry.

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