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Prep Pre-Wax Skin Cleanser

Prep Pre-Wax Skin Cleanser

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A hygienic cooling solution which cleans the skin prior to waxing whilst gently removing any traces of make up, deodorant, cream and body oil. Peppermint oil provides a refreshing cool feeling and acts as a soothing agent.

Prepares skin prior to waxing by gently removing excess body oil & creams
Prevents cross-contamination
Peppermint oil cools and refreshes
Improves adherence of the wax to the skin
Economical pump spray makes it ideal for larger areas
Suitable for all skin types
Great for pedicure preparation

Application: Spray Pre-Wax Prepping Spray to the area to be treated, prior to waxing. Rub into the skin and within 5 seconds, Pre-Wax spray will absorb into the skin surface creating a clean, dry surface for waxing.

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