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Glitter Mix Canada

Foil Transfer Gel

Foil Transfer Gel

Professionals Only

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Glitter Mix Canada Transfer FOIL GEL is Very sticky once its cured, It will provide the perfect Base for foils to Transfer onto nails. This gel will give you perfect coverage each and every application.

How to Use

After curing 2nd coat of gel polish or the color of your choice . Apply Thin layer of Foil transfer Gel and cure full Cure. 30 to 60 seconds LED or 2 minutes UV.
Note: Curing times may vary based on the wattage of your LED/UV lamp.

Place Transfer foil to the cured gel nail. Gently rub thoroughly onto the foil.

Carefully Remove the foil after image is transferred.

Apply no wipe top coat and finish the nail.

Tested by Certified Nail Technicians.

** Professional use only***
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