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Crystal Lash Platform

Crystal Lash Platform

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The PremierLash Lash Platform features a curved design that separates the lash extensions for you, allowing for faster pickup & handling. The Lash Platform is the perfect tool to help you organize lashes by thickness and length. You can also keep multiple rows of lashes on one plate. Design helps to reduce eye strain while increasing your speed. Place next to your client's head for convenient access to all your lashes.

Crystal 3 inch X 2 inch
Curved design to fan lashes
Weighted and Strong
Keep Lashes Organized
Easy to Clean
To Use: Place on top of the PremierLash Silicone Lash Pad for more stability.

To clean, wash in warm water with a mild fragrance-free soap. Sit out to air dry or gently dry with a lint-free towel.

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