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After Care Kit

After Care Kit

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The PremierLash Care Kit is everything you need to care for and maintain your lash extensions between salon visits! Packaged cute and ready for your next appointment.

Start off with our cleansing mousse! The thick cleansing mousse stays right where you need it. The mousse is gentle and non-irritating and perfect for everyday use to remove make-up, proteins, oils, impurities, dust & debris from lashes. Cleansing mousse can be used on the eye zone and your entire face. All Skin Types for normal skin or Tea Tree for oily skin.

Use the PremierLash Lash Cleansing Brush with your preferred PremierLash Cleansing Mousse. The cleansing brush features custom-shaped bristles that gently reach between your lashes so that makeup and residue don't stand a chance. A specially designed curve hugs the lash line to remove buildup without catching and tugging on lashes that leads to unwanted lash extension loss.

Once you have cleaned your lashes, brush through your lashes with the mascara wand. The voluminous wand is shaped to define and add fullness to your lashes, soft bristles allow you to comb through layer upon layer of lashes. The tapered head gets right along the lash line and inner corners. The wider base is perfect for your longest lashes to add fullness. Teardrop shape gently grips lashes and brows, grooming them into place (short, inner corners and lower lashes).

After a hectic day, retreat to our super smooth and soft lash sleep masks. The PremierLash Lash Sleep Mask is ideal for sleep, long-haul flights, hotel stays, car rides, or to just get away from it all during meditation. The sleep mask is made with a soft, breathable, lightweight material. The deep dome contour molds our 3D sleep masks, designed to protect eyelash extensions. The sleep mask has complete light blocking technology with an elastic Velcro band to ensure the perfect fit.

Need a refresher on how to care for your lashes? The PremierLash Lash Care Instructions help to get you the most out of your lash extensions! Each section provides detailed information on maintenance, fills, and appointment etiquette.

Once you run out of your favorite products, you can always reorder directly from our site.

Bundle includes:

Choice of PremierLash Cleanser
PremierLash Cleansing Brush - Gentle approach to cleaning lashes
PremierLash mascara wand grooming pack
Choice of PremierLash Sleep Mask - Ideal for side sleepers, meditation, or travel.
PremierLash Client Care Instructions
Packaged in cute handle snap top vinyl bag
To mix type cleansers or sleep masks, please make a note in the "Order Comments" at Check Out.

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